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“The Wood of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks”

Log Cabin Kits by Buryford Farms
Log Siding and Components by Buryford Farms

As recognizable as the iconic Adirondack Chair, White Pine has been the chosen wood for the construction of the great camps and cabins of the Adirondack Region for as long as anyone can remember.  With long, straight trunks once prized for use as ships masts and its beautiful color that tends to darken with age, White Pine is an ideal cladding and insulator.

Product Length Size Unfinished Cost/Ln. Ft. Finished Cost/Ln. Ft.
½ Log Siding 6’-12’ 2’ x 6’ $1.20 $1.80
½ Log Siding 6’-12’ 2’ x 8’ $1.40 $2.00
Log Cabin Corners 6’-12’ 6” x 8” x 6’ $35.00 Ea $45.00 Ea
Log Cabin Interior Panel 6’-12’ 1” x 6” $0.63 $1.03

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